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For decades Eisele has been developing high-quality connection components of solid metal.

We offer around 5,000 catalogue items and 2,000 special custom solutions, 100% made in Germany.

We will find the right solution for your connection.


BASICLINE: Push-in fittings for compressed air, vacuum, gases and fluids

With the Eisele BASICLINE approximately 3,500 standardised pneumatic connectors made of high-quality materials are available from stock and can be delivered on short notice. Thus you can rely on a complete product range of threaded connections, push-in fittings, matching hoses, as well as an extensive range of accessories. We would be pleased to advise you.

INOXLINE: Stainless steel push-in fittings for food, pharmaceuticals and paints

The stainless steel push-in fittings of the Eisele INOXLINE are manufactured of corrosion-free and acid-resistant stainless steel in high material quality. All parts are completely machined from solid material and are particularly well-suited for hygiene-sensitive applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Based on the design of our proven standardised pneumatic connectors Eisele INOXLINE stainless steel push-in fittings can be easily and completely cleaned, thanks to the stainless materials used and the surface treatment.

LIQUIDLINE: High-quality push-in fittings for closed coolant applications

The Eisele LIQUIDLINE offers the most extensive line of screw-in and push-in fittings for coolant applications on the market. The coolant fittings are made of dezincification-resistant brass. This alloy was designed especially for closed coolant circuits. FKM (Viton) is used for the sealing material. LIQUIDLINE push-in coolant fittings are resistant to high temperatures, aggressive aqueous media and many other substances. To provide connections for diverse applications, Eisele also offers series 4500 and 4600 with push-in coolant fittings manufactured of highly resistant stainless steel. Series 5500 with push-in connectors of corrosion-resistant aluminium is designed for use in combination with aluminium heat sinks. When choosing materials one should always consider the specific application and local ambient conditions. We will be glad to advise you! Information to help you with the choice of materials is also available in our LIQUIDLINE catalogue.

MULTILINE: With the Eisele MULTILINE ADAPTIVE series we have developed a universal modular kit system for multiple connectors.

The fully modular design principle of this multiple connector makes it possible to combine such different operating media as compressed air, vacuum, gases, coolants and liquids in a single interface. MULTILINE ADAPTIVE is an individually configurable multiple connector that is available with or without shut-off and also in a drip-free version. For use in the food industry the connectors are also available with FDA-compliant seals.

The optimally compatible adaptive inserts of the MULTILINE ADAPTIVE allow flexible integration of different diameters, connection types and media in one modular multiple connector. If the requirements change, the connector can easily be adapted by hand, without the use of tools.

PIPINGLINE: ALU PRO 30 – The system for compressed air piping

The innovative compressed air piping system Eisele ALU PRO 30 with threaded connections for compressed air piping sets new standards in every respect for the supply of compressed air. This high-quality compressed air system withstands every load and fulfils the most stringent requirements for compressed air piping technology. The robust high-quality aluminium pipes for compressed air are as functional as attractive.